Langdale landscape model
Isle of Man Geology GIS map extract
What I can offer to ease your workload:
I am a GIS specialist with experience in Landscape, Environment, Heritage and Planning work. I have a professional attitude and commitment to providing a quality service.

I have worked in demanding environments in both the public and private sectors, analysing data and presenting technical information to a high standard for high-profile projects.

My degree in Conservation Management gives me a broad understanding of environmental matters and I am able to liaise effectively with professionals across the planning and environment field. I am experienced in creating data from on-screen digitising, interpretation of field maps or aerial imagery.

I have worked with large datasets (sub-regional), large volumes of data and have been responsible for managing the efficient use, storage and copyright compliance of these.

My work has included on a day-to-day basis: geoprocessing, querying, linking to external databases, raster analysis and landscape modelling in both ArcGis and MapInfo.
Employment summary
Terence O'Rourke: GIS specialist

Chris Blandford Associates: GIS Co-ordinator

West Sussex County Council: GIS support to Planning & Environment

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