Langdale landscape model
HLC analysis for the Thames Gateway
HLC sensitivity modelling for the Thames Gateway. Featured in English Heritage Conservation Bulletin issue 47. Substantial aggregation of disparate HLC datasets, assigned weighting values through sequential querying
Mastermap used to create multiple buffers on roads in an urban area
Multiple buffering of housing types for runoff calculations as part of an urban creep flood risk project. MapInfo, SQL querying OS Mastermap

Spatial selection of greenspace by buffering population areas
Green Infrastructure - needs analysis using greenspace data from multiple sources, aggregated and queried by area and spatial selection by distance from population centres
Extract of Landscape Character Areas
Final Landscape Character Areas for the Isle of Man LCA. Digitised from hand-drawn maps based on geology, landform (DTM) HLC and other data

Theoretical visibility modelling
Theoretical visibility modelling of potential housing development. Raster analysis in MapInfo using OS Landform Profile data.
GIS mapping of multiple constraints on development
Mapping constraints for windfarm construction. Digitised from hardcopy maps along with GIS and CAD data

DTM showing landform for Landscape Character Assessment
Elevation modelling coloured to show landform for Landscape Character Assessment. DTM created in ArcGis using Spatial Analyst.
Standard Planning Application map showing the Red Line site boundary
Standard "Red Line" Planning Application drawing. From a single plot to urban extensions.

Map to encourage children to walk to school
Working with WSCC & Littlehampton Academy to create a map to encourage children to walk to school, using OS OpenData & children's artwork. This was a part GIS part graphics project for which I provided much of the cartography & graphics.
Phase 1 map
Phase 1 mapping exercise, demonstrating the capabilities of QGIS.

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Complementary skills include: Access, Excel,
Photoshop, CAD & DTP data interchange

Top banner image: Landscape visualisation created in ESRI 3D Analyst
using aerial imagery on elevation data

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